Kado Now Supports Rekordbox

We have been listening to all the user feedback over the last few weeks and have been working hard on 4 awesome new features to make Kado even better for you, including Rekordbox support!

To get the latest version of KADO click here: Download Kado v0.1.3

What’s new in Kado version 0.1.3

1. Rekordbox Support

We heard you loud and clear that Rekordbox support was important missing feature. You can now connect your Rekordbox collection to Kado by following these instructions: 


Once you have connected your Rekordbox collection, you will be able to get personalized matches and Feed updates. We will also highlight any track recommendations that you already have on your computer.

2. Advanced Options Are Now Saved

When you match a track, you can customize the recommendations by clicking on “Advanced Options”. These options let you customize Kado's recommendations to prefer newer tracks, more / less popular tracks or only tracks that you don’t already own. Now once you change these options, your changes are saved and applied to all your future matches! That means if you’re really into new releases, Kado you will always show new releases first.

Remember you can change this any time by clicking on “Advanced Options” again and you can always reset them to the defaults.

3. Better Track Matches

We have been working hard to improve Kado’s matching algorithm so that it can recognize more tracks and provide better results. Now when you drag and drop a track into Kado, and it doesn’t recognize the track, Kado shows you what it thinks the track is and you can select the correct one.

4. Waveforms for Beatport previews

We now who you waveforms for all track previews so you can get a better idea of the vibe of a track recommended by Kado even if there isn't a SoundCloud preview

How To Get The Latest Version

Getting the latest version of Kado is really easy! Just click on the link below to download it.

Download Kado v0.1.3

We will have even more exciting updates coming in January so keep a look out! Until then, we hope you enjoy these new features and as always please let us know any feedback, issues or feature requests you have.


The Kado Team