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Track Recommendations

Drop a track into the app and Kado will use data from over 500,000 DJ sets to show you similar tracks. See what other DJs played before or after your track or in the same set.

Download tracks

Kado includes download links purchase tracks on Beatport, iTunes and Juno. If there is a free download link available, Kado will show you that too. You can also add tracks to your crate to download later.

Unlimited Previews

You can quickly preview a track in Kado to see if it fits the style you are looking for. Use your keyboard arrow keys to scrub through tracks and jump between them.


Dig Deeper with Every Track

Kado doesn't just give you track recommendations. If you like a track you can click on it to see all the remixes and similar tracks. You can also view artists and DJs to check out their latest releases and plays. If there's a label you love you can check out its latest releases too.

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See what's hot

Kado is the only service to show you the top tracks played by DJ around the world every week. Check out Trending Tracks for the up and coming tunes in over 25 different genres from Tech House to Psy Trance.

Get Personalized Recommendations

Kado uses your DJ setlists to learn about the artists, labels and DJs you like the most. This information is used to create the Feed which shows you new track releases personalized to your taste, everyday. Think of Kado as your digital recored store clerk.