Introducing Kado Live

Kado Live is the best way to choose your next song while you are DJing. Built into the Kado App, the Live feature analyzes which track you are currently playing and recommends what you should play next from your collection. Once you've found your next song, simply drag the track from Kado into your DJ software.

Kado Live currently only supports Traktor. We are working on integrating with all DJ platforms, including Serato and Rekordbox.


Setup Instructions

Start by downloading the lastest version of Kado then follow the instructions below...

1. Open Kado and click the "Live Mode" toggle in the Navigation Bar.

2. Open Traktor and open Preferences

3. Navigate to the Broadcasting. Under Server Settings, enter Address as localhost and Port as 20305 

4. Next, we need to start the Broadcast. Press the antenna button in the recording menu. You might need to change your Traktor layout to view the recording menu. Once clicked, the antenna button should light up as a solid blue color. If the button blinks, this mean that Traktor did not successfully connect with Kado. Kado must be enabled first before starting the Traktor Broadcast.

5. You're ready to go! Start playing music and keep Kado on the side of your screen. Kado will auto-suggest music from your collection as you play new tracks.